Nicki Minaj & Drake Could Be Owed Millions By Cash Money

Lil Wayne is not the only big name rapper at Cash Money that the label owe millions. Nicki Minaj and Drake could also be owed a lot of money by the label.

Young Turk and Lil Wayne are both suing the label and Birdman for millions of dollars. But now there are speculations that Nicki Minaj and Drake are taking a closer look into their accounting to see if they were stiffed out of money.

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“Nicki Minaj and Drake made Cash Money a lot of money over the last few year but there have been talks for a while now that they money that they are getting doesn’t adds up,” sources close to the Trinidadian rapper told Urban Islandz.

“Lil Wayne had a meeting with both of them and now they are both auditing their finances. Things could get really interesting because they could be owed millions,” the source said.

Birdman is being accused of shady business practices by Lil Wayne, Hot Boy Turk, and Tyga who all went public with their issues with Cash Money.

Tyga says he has never received a royalty check from the label and Lil Wayne is suing Cash Money and Birdman for $51 million.

Both rappers say they want out of the label.

Perhaps we will see a trimmed Cash Money roster this year. In his lawsuit, Lil Wayne argued that the label broke it’s contract when it refused to pay him $10 million for his new album Tha Carter V and also refusing to release it.

Birdman says he will release the only on his own accord.