Wiz Khalifa – Decisions Lyrics

I hear all the time
About it all
Why they talk?
Don’t even know what they want
Don’t even know what they want
Don’t even know what they want

All that cake
Don’t even know what they want
Don’t even know what they want
Don’t even know what they want

New b***h
Every week
She take it all
Hair long, tatted on her back
I get her a first class flight to where my show is
Smoke weed, don’t smoke weed
Cash contact, get drunk
Let me hit once, b***h come back
Balling, can’t ever control it
Don’t have to text, don’t even calling
My name is on it
I f**k her & make that Uber call 6 in the morning
I told her I don’t need no pills, this Js I’m rolling
Feeling my car, feeling my chain
I’m feeling that thing
Ride with a ni**a & I’ll put you up all in some game
Why would you f**k with another ni**a
Came at the same time on the both ways
We ain’t even hardly know each other names
By now I’m on my 6 rain or some
By now I’m on my 2010 flame or some
By now you can say I’m living like Rick James or some
Insane, cause it spit flames when I switch lanes on this tone
Big bank, no lose change, I do things
Champagne me, L.A. me
Supper Club throwing dough, no ray me
Fifty deep in VIP, T.G.O.D
Your b***h remind me of this ink, she all on me

I’m gone, I’m rocking KK Columb
I think this b***h just tryna f**k me so I take them at home
Take what I do inside the day & put it straight in the song
I get another out the counter & put it straight in the bong
Imma stay real, Imma stay high
Imma stay ready, Imma stay
Count til my thumbs hurt, smoke til my lungs hurt
What another man say, I’m on my own work
Hello business
With my real ni**a’s, like a real ni**a
And it’s real business
Hard business, no hard feelings
All my dogs, god they all in it
Hard to get along with us
Call a kush joint, goddam it cake strong
Rollie on my arm, fake ni**a’s y’all really don’t appear to a real ni**a

(Repeat Chorus)