Popcaan – Bad Ah Yawd [New Music]

Popcaan making it clear that he’s not only bad locally, but also internationally. The Unruly DJ drop a new single “Bad Ah Yawd,” off the 100 Degrees Riddim, produced by Control Tower Sqaud.

When wi talk bout narkist, a nuh yappis
Bowy skin a burn like challis
Meck a mad step pon dem ends wid mi matic
Buss bwoy head anywhere in a the traffic
Anywhere you see Marvally tugs dem have it
Meck a wrong speech and a deh suh you a have it
Take mi endz and a seh that dem a lock it
All infront the Sargent dem mi a knock it

Popcaan – Bad Ah Yawd Lyrics

Listen full track below.


  1. @ UrbanIslandz So the only time Spice get promotion is when she’s collaborating with Kartel. You guys really need to come better than that!

  2. popcaan a go haad from wah day yah, wah mek? dwl a who get poppy wrath