Tommy Lee Sparta – Sik Inna Mi Hed Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Mi nuh need no friend fi buss mi gun
Mi squelchy pass the pastor go f**k the nun
The psycho nightmare fraid it just began
This consent pass, trust mi now

Caw mi nuh buss bay big gun
Mi buss the god a come
Dem think a God a come
Respect to we yo haffi bring the army come
Wid nuff extra clip

Faro step out bwoy face haffi part
Me mean in a half wid the nothing nasty
Sparta, sick and psychotic
People weh look in a the big black matic
Meck people deh run when mi smell scribbit

Mi sik in mi head
None a dem mi nuh fraid a
Yea mi big bad and brave
Dem bwoy deh a made up
Mi know the whole a dem a try bad
Try bad

(Verse 2)
Suicider mi dem a go
Bwoy hang dem self
Mi never give dem nuh rope
Suh mi step out, mi step out like beas
Attack yo soul cause the beas haffi feast
Gun sing like Japaneses
Shot you down a west and meck yo marrow drop a east
Anytime when you f**k wid the beas

Pu**y dead dem feel seh a thunder
Tep wid the glock through the window
Shot a kick you in yo face like a ninja
Head buss like cylinder
Number 3 a yo number
Wi rise peace in a war
And war in a peace
And left dem hanging like a jesuspeas

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)