Masicka – Just Can’t Do It Lyrics

Kill my friend
Mi just cyaa dweet

Dis my mother
No mi just cyaa dweet

Mi nuh badmind
Mi just cyaa dweet

And mi nuh waste time
Mi just cyaa dweet

Nuh fraid a nuh bwoy
Mi just cyaa dweet

Mi nuh gyal clown
Mi just cyaa dweet

Big up every youth weh grown rough in a the street
And big up every jailer pon the tough concrete

(Verse 1)
Mi pray every night mi rest mi head pon mi pillow
But God do you accept prayers from sinner
Mi know seh mi brave but mi fraid a friend killer
Yo share the breakfast and dem kill you fi the dinner
Mama seh watch the company weh you in a
Yo never hear till yo body dash weh in a river
The judge a judge youths
But dem judgement’s bigger
Free Vybz Kartel, free Sivva

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Some bwoy a nuh don round yah
Dem a fraud
And send the likkle juvenile fi rob a likkle stall
Man send the likkle juvenile fi dis a likkle old lady
But a you the crosses it a go fall pon
Yow mi waan know weh some a dem get dem heart from
From yo dis yo mother juvenile then yo past wrong
Member yo mother could a easy tek abortion
And Masicka a tell you live yo life wid caution

(Repeat Chorus 3X)