Gucci Mane – Heart Attack Feat. Young Thug Lyrics

(Chorus – Young Thug)
Heart attack, baby when you
You gone give me a heart attack
Don’t slow it up baby roll it out I want a heart attack
Gotta act just like you know you giving me a heart attack
I ain’t never ever above and back
I just want me a heart attack
Heart attack, heart attack, heart attack
Heart attack, heart attack, heart attack
Picture me not doing well from a heart attack, from a heart attack

(Verse 1 – Young Thug)
Got my Tinder on her
She don’t remember that designer on her
I don’t remember how many times I bone her
And she the bomb like Lotus Flower on her
I ain’t snitching but I told her I really wanna change into a pimp
Turn your little ass and
All your jewelry

Catch a dime by the strip club
And make you shake your little bit tail feathers
Told herbaby girl, knock off, knock off” just like Mayweather
My f***kin’g bae
She got a good job and her head perfect, it’s super head
She get inside her own and bust it open
When we first started like Superman, now I’m super dead

(Repeat Chorus

(Verse 2 – Gucci Mane)
Lamborghini with the doors up
Pull up and she chose up
Froze up so she chose us
Better ask these hoes, they know us
She watching me like a movie
Gucci Mane got his numbers up
Tell her, baby girl come over here, drop this ass right in front of us
Yea, she chose up, yea that b***h chose us
That b***h she chose up, the yellow b***h chose up
I got a dark skin friend and she fine as f**k
But when I hit the club she make the hoes choose up
Yea, they choose up
Jimmy Choo shoes up
Jimmy Choo glasses? That’s just the sh** my boo wear
I’m so inconsiderate, I’m not even caring
I got them big old diamond chains and thinking about marriage

(Repeat Chorus)