Kiprich – Fi Clean Lyrics

Hear mi no Marcus
Everything wah mi put on a amine
No licky, licky, licky, thing mi no join
Mi no walk an beg like mi blind
Mi wi wait till a my time

Watch yah mi no sell soul fi the dollar sign
Mi wi gwaan save up my likkle coin
Put top wah cyan reach mi no join
Spanish Town wi naw stop trying

Mi no haffi have one bag a clothe fi clean
No haffi wear Gucci an those fi clean
Cause if a one pear a shoes mi wi wipe off that wid cloth an tun up the scheme
Mi no haffi have one bag a clothe fi clean
No haffi dress in a berberry haff i clean
Mi no haffi have blackberry or Benz paw berry
Fi me get a gyal in a the scheme

(Verse 1)
Hey Marcus wi no frighten fi Lui
Me naw squander mi daughter fee fi go a UWI
Over the years a that dem do wi
Upper class wear the cheap clothe send the dear one to wi
A rock dem hody but buddy
Shoes a lift up dem still a carry that round a shoewi
A we alone love the new hi new hi
Anything wah yuh gain out a life a wah yuh gi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Me prefer buy black cement an gravel
Name brand clothe no carry real sail value
A every week dem change up the thing dem fi mad yuh
Stitch a name pon a clothe an mad yuh
Fi step out cheep an clean a no nothing
At least yo sure no man naw fly yo button
Too many time wi si man go a foreign an no come back a yard wid nothing

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)