Iyara – Brutal Lyrics

Naw run when the war star
So gangster grow, a suh mi brought up
No get frighten when nobody talk rough
And body chalk up

(Verse 1)
Mi nuh grow like gyal man a lava brain
Bad like the capital K in a mi father name
You cyaa violate a road
And if mi drop a jail and yo dis
Yo face buss before wada came
Spanish Town bubble brian
The dawgs dem wild and never tame
Avenue to Morgan lane
The tugs in Fort Lauderdale
Knock it meck yo likkle brian
Missing like the charter plane
Cho man, mi no fear no man

Dem a walk and a drop word
The tugs dem from stratford wid hark blood
Meck face buss like napford

Copper flick dem backward
F–ker dem, shrub dem out before yo si bay black bird
Watch the news prime time
Yellow tape crime time
Spen shell from 9 bine
Between Iraq and Jamaica is a fine line
Tek seh da one yah face the same gun 9 time

We brutal yes am so damn brutal
Duppy dem so crucial
Left crime scene unusual

Kill dem, we brutal
Yes am so damn brutal
Duppy dem so crucial
Left crime scene unusual

(Verse 2)
War start there’s no other option
Bwoy fi dead because dem go start ruption
Dem dis and run off like mustang
Any building dem run in a that must bomb
Dead from mi slap out the first one
Sound a mi gun clear the place like custom
War dem waan, now dem get turn over

Easy fi trick suh dem mi naw wild
Use agyal, book a style
Chop him up butcher style
Big knife push aside
Who that in a the bush a hide
Watch the head a look aside

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)