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Vanessa Bling – Tun Up Di Ting [New Music]

Vanessa Bling says meck wi tun up the thing. Misik Muzik, Cute Bubble Riddim featuring music by Vanessa Bling “Tun Up Di Ting.”

Step in a the studio nuff a dem a pree me
Seh mi style dem sick, dem nuh easy
Gaza run the world and nuff a dem fi easy
Mi a the real girl boss just believe me

Burn mi spliff, reminisce why dem pree me
Gangster man yes mi love
Dem can please me
Hypocrite and parasite cyaa defeat me
Me God bless suh none a dem couldn’t leave me

Vanessa Bling – Tun Up Di Ting Lyrics

Listen full track below.


  1. I see she is back to her old normal self, how can you serve and worship God and the devil at the same time? That certainly is very talented me tell ya no she did a beg God fi mercy? She should be behind bars and have nerve fi a sing bout gaza and she know say gaza gone bright.

    • Hmmm.. So I guess if she believes in and asked god forgiveness she must sing gospel music? Would that stop/calm your venom and negativity? My gut feeling says NO. Best of luck with preaching the good word(s) of peace and love.

  2. Mad ????????????wicked ????????