Mavado – Live Blanket (Crank It) Lyrics

Mi know mi love everything you do
Suh hold mi now, meck mi hold you to
And when you gone mi cyaa get over you
You a mi shatter girl
The things we use to do

Crank it
You a mi life blanket
And me and you a tour
Wi deh pon a long France trip

And mi love when shi wine up the ass
Caw shi love when mi spank it
Mi f–k her hardcore, more time mi romantic

(Verse 1)
Mi bring her pon a vacay Thursday Friday
Pon her pay day, she provide the wings fi wi fly away
Shi seh never shy everyday a my day
Wi smoke, wi get high away
Mi pull over buss one pon the highway
Wi spontaneous, mi little Annamay
Shi love the gully don a way

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Dem seh love blind, mi cyaa see
Mi cyaa find mi way home shi lost mi
Shi sassy, shi classy
Likkle gyal settle down when you pass mi
Shi open wid a kitty and a shave deh
Sit down pon the scale wid da weight deh
Mi did tough like a rock but you brake mi
Drop a bed deaddy, deaddy, but you wake mi
Gyal when you go and don’t just
Mi love when a bad gyal in a mi bed
And shi a wake up the bloodclaat town

(Repeat Chorus)