Kid Ink – Dolo (Feat. R. Kelly) Lyrics

(R. Kelly – Chorus)
Said, I don’t see no one else but you alone
Said, I don’t see no one else
Did you come over, dolo, dolo
Tell me did you come over, dolo
You ain’t gotta leave by yourself, ya hear

(Verse 1 – Kid Ink)
Everything is a go doe
I been lookin’ at you dance like a Go-go
Girl, hold that for the photo
Ain’t got drink in your cup, that’s a nono
And I don’t see no one through the smoke
Roll like I got no lungs
But you the only thing that I notice, dolo
Sayin’ you ain’t gotta leave solo
Just go on throw it at me like Romo
Sittin’ in the club, big sea full of fish
And I’m giving you all my attention, said

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Kid Ink)
You could bring your friends
To meet my friends over in my section
VIP every week, got a residence
Now baby go on bring it back, I’m tryna reminisce
You remind, you remind, you remind me
Of something that I’m missing, don’t know what it is yet
Send a full bag, gotta come with submission
I be two on, everything on a million, po’ up
Just let me know, we can be out
Keys over at the valet kiosk
Sayin’ that you came here dolo
Probably got a man, I’ma act like I don’t know doe

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – R. Kelly)
You ain’t tryna get money, what you come for
You ain’t tryna show nothin’, what you come for
Get to bouncin’ that ass like a pogo
Pause, that’s a photo
Body so dumb I’ma call it body dodo
Face so pretty girl you should be a logo
Lead singer, solo
Leave with me, I’ll go
We can make moments that we’ll never forget
I’m talkin’ bout shine baby, candles lit
Cause baby girl you deserve that sh**
Cause you work that pole like your bills overdue
Got so much talent I’m thinkin’ bout sponsoring you
Gotta know first

(Repeat Chorus)

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