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Lil Wayne – Amazing Amy ft. Migos (Sorry 4 The Wait 2) [New Music]

Lil Wayne began his “Free Carter V” campaign with the release of Sorry 4 The Wait 2, but things got a little more serious after he filed a lawsuit for $51 million against Cash Money.

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(Verse 1 – Lil Wayne)
She crazy as f**k but she sexy as f**k
And she just hit me up, she text me..let’s f**k
I’m just waking up but f**k it I’m up
Ooh! I’m on my way where?
Get out my way bump-bump-bump-bump
I’m Norman Bates and this b***h ain’t normal, our kids gon be nuts
But when I had the yay
And the police would come she wouldn’t give me up
She knew what not to say
And when they would leave, she gave me heads up
Lord I feel like Plies, that’s my lil’ baby
But that b***h so crazy

Lil Wayne – Amazing Amy ft. Migos Lyrics

Listen full track below.

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