Fifth Harmony Ft Tyga – Like Mariah Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Love it when you call me Baby
When you’re lighting up my phone
Makes me want you like I’m crazy
I’m running home
I’m running home
Just to hear your heartbeat
You’re so sweet like honeycomb
Gotta have you near me
Cause you’re the best I’ve ever known

You make me get up, get up
Like this is my song
I’ma get up, get up, yeah, yeah
You got me humming, humming
To the beat of the drum
To the rhythm rhythm, yeah, yeah

Your loving takes me higher
You set my heart on fire
When you touch by body got me signing like Mariah
There is no denying
Your kisses keep me flying
When you touch by body got me signing like Mariah
Oooh oh oh oh Tu tu tu tu tu
Oooh oh oh oh Tu tu tu tu tu
Signing like Mariah

(Verse 2)
Your name is written on my lips, you’re the only one for me
Every single little kiss, is like a dream, is like a dream
I don’t need even make a wish
Cause all I want is you
When you do it like this
I just lose my cool

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)

Uh, T-Raw I’m fire
If you’re looking for that fly love
I’m your number one supplier
Wanna try? you buy it
You wanna ride with the hottest in the city, set your heart on fire
Yeah I do it it, I do it, do it, ain’t nothin to it
If you with it, I know she with it, so come and do it
Got that pretty, that pretty pretty
You’re so seductive like Aaliyah, Mariah Carey, you stay with me
Top down ridin’, I’m big Poppa
She love when I fly it, Lambo pilot
Hop inside it, sit on my lap, angel body
Any King need a Goddess, gotta love it

(Repeat Chorus)