Juicy J – A Tale of 2 Citiez (Freestyle) Lyrics

You been watching this ni**a waiting on him to slip
Just wanna make the light my ni**a
In the building why you creeping in the black crow
Pull up to the curve my ni**a
He been out here bomming and his family broke as s**t
You think he give a f**k my ni**a
Look in there had a ni**a down the barrel of your gun
Now look into his eyes my ni**a

Will he die, will her live
Will he beg like a b**ch
Or will he testify my ni**a

Will the clip jam
Guess this ni**a hold it
Who go catch it first
Somebody bout to die my ni**a
Fingers itching, gripping on that cap
Think am run the chains on his neck
Jesus face with the diamonds
Ice in his mouth
F**k that ni**a smile
Cause he know if you don’t let the choppers fly
We know somebody go kill him on the other side
He know somebody waiting all up in his mamma house
He know somebody f***ing his baby mamma now
It’s time for the come up

Ni**a this it
Got 19-15 in the clip
It’s up to you and God my ni**a
Another day, another dollar
He’s spitting on the car my ni**a
Living fast f**k the law
You ain’t worry bout the cops my ni**a
Your last hoe call you a fag
You thought to get a job my ni**a
You just bough a new bird
The last one was hot my ni**a

Everyone showing love in the streets
You will hustle everyday
Everybody knows that you the claw
You that ni**a that they wanna be
But somebody waiting on you my ni**a
Don’t sleep
It’s a black bag with a black mag
In the black crown feat
Creeping on you
But you don’t give a f**k when you out in these streets
Dollars in you chain ni**a your the hoods dream
Hit the corner store for some lic
See you ni**a in the rear view
You close your eyes when you about to die
One of these ni**a’s sound like you