Patexx – It Caan Work Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Every youth in a the ghetto waan fi live a better life
Cause wi fed up, and wi dirty a the likkle dutty life
How unuh treat poor people government nuh wid no right
Unuh worster than the termite dem and the parasite
Wa meck yo think wi thief the water?
Wa meck yo think wi thief the light
Caw wi cyaa live without the necessities of life
Politics and politician a two supn mi nuh like
Dem and GCT a just place in a wi life
WI nuh have no pretty car, and wi nuh have no pretty bike
Wi nuh live in a the hills a look down pon the city light
Wi a the youths dem weh a bounce it pon some cardboard a night
Then wi wake up and go hustle out a the stop light

It cyaa work
Heads a government it cyaa work
Hand to mouth cyaa work
You nuh si a poor people you a hurt

(Verse 2)
Next thing dem a tell wi education haffi free
Every September come mi still haffi pay the fee
Mi nuh rich like mister Wa, Mister Lue and mister T
Lock a education leads to more poverty
Too much likkle juvenile a hustle out a Half Way Tree
Nuff wake up in a the morning cyaa find a cup of tea
To the heads a government a dem deh supn you fi pree
And give wi more opportunity

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)