Busy signal – Life Goes On Lyrics

Dem try fi stop wi but life goes on
Cancel the wings but life goes on
Nuff a mi friends pass and gone
No trail or remand
But anyway life goes on
Yeh food haffi nam cause life goes on
Babylon dem a plan but life goes on
Dem hold down the youths fi so long
Some a dem cyaa even fly out
Nuff fly out but wi still a prolong

(Verse 1)
Ghetto youths wise up
Now a no the time fi floss
Cyaa buy the Henny
Throw cranberry inside the glass
Purchase a converse if you can buy the clarks
Gwaan go hustle fi yo self and move from beside the boss
Kimmy tell you many will pras to pras
Don’t throw stone behind you
You wi tear the glass
Nuff waan yo pop down fi dem laugh
Left yo wid yo two hands stretch out like how dem sesign the cross dem

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Cyaa stop the hustling no matter how dem try
Mama seh be independent till the day you die
No meck dem draw you out mi soldier if you do good
Mi know seh good things wi multiply
Member fi save cause you wi use it in the twinking of a eye
Cyaa meck dem buy you out
No sponge paw no guy
Certain things yo know you no fi try
Like if yo money cyaa reach the S a spade

Gwaan drink supn
Take yo mind from the stress
No worry bout nothing
Hungry belly deh, deh, fi feed
Whole heap a mouth open
If yo pick up wid spoon
No dash weh wid shuvle
Try fi stop the youths fi rise to the top again
Just like a turtle wid the burden pon dem back again
And if a hypocrite and parasite allot a dem
A plat again
Fi stop yo but not again

(Repeat Chorus)