Lil Wayne – Coco Lyrics

Sorry for the wait
And am sorry for the wait
I told my self to save you self
Cause I cant save you
I send my ghost to kill somebody
And he have to

Sorry for the wait 2
I ain’t tripping
I got Robby, I got Drake too
I send my ghost to kill somebody
And he have to
Sit it on my coffee table

(Verse 1)
Who kept this s–t together
Ni**a me that’s who
Who was there when ni**as left
Was ni**a me that’s who
Cash money is a homie
And if them ni**as coming for me
Am going out like Tony

I don’t want no problems
I just want my money
Ain’t got to hold no conversation on my luggage
Tell whoever counting that am on a hundred
BirdMan Junior, more like ugly duckling
Taking over, am taking over
Thinking over b—h
Am thinking for you
Zip it we ain’t out of class ni**a
All I got to show money
No more cash ni**a

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yea, it’s conversation over conversation
But I must got blurry vision
A ni**as got two faces
Lord this game is a vampire
Blood you got to protect you neck
It will s*ck you dry like raisins low
But f–k that ni**a
Gotta drawn out
F–k that ni**a am out bwal out
The day you met me is the day hell froze
Only got letters from the daughter
Am still in the building
I just got to knock couple walls down
Life is a movie but sometimes you gonna get too tired to watching the walker

(Repeat Chorus)