Chilando – Wah Run Road Now Lyrics

Nuff a dem face screw
Clearly dem nuh waan si mi step through
A the road mi tek on, clarks mi have on
To the reggae business mi waan mi name glue

Hear mi nuh Blacks, mi waan run road now
Waan run road now
Mi style get hotter than a bread in a the bakery
Know every trick, every code now

Meck dem know seh mi waan run road now
Waan run road now
Mi haffi touch street, yeah the food haffi eat
Wi nuh switch in a the city
Nuh sell out to nuh pow, pow

(Verse 1)
Wi a run road, yeah wi run pass Bolt
So clean dem shock a nuh electric volt
This one a the link yeah the chain get mad
Like when yo mix rasta veg wid the pork
How much time mi pass
Got to wait long time you nuh in a my class
Gyal dem love mi, seh mi a the boss
Mi naw talk Vybz weh dem lock up and charge

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi a carve road but a nuh Versi
Violate mi nuh god fi yo beg mercy
A nuh joke mi a give it bitter like seruci
Yo nuh government suh nuh bwoy cyaa tax mi
Mi nuh have rass, but mi lax never dirty
Crush raod, nuh the shirt ever dress properly
Fi wi style authentic, dem a photocopy
Dem provide quantity, but wi a quality

(Repeat Chorus)