Chino – A Nuh Nothing Lyrics

Hey no watch di diamond wah a shine on ma hand
No watch di vehicle wah mi drive cause yuh and I wi a one
Simplicity a that mi used survive pon Jah land
So when di pagan dem a hype an gallang Kemys go tell dem seh

A no nothing, car a no nothing
Spend a couple G’s buy out di bar a no nothing
That a no nothing, money a no nothing
Life a di greatest yo cyan tell wi nothing

A no nothing, clothe a no nothing
Spend a couple weekend pon di coast a no nothing
A no nothing, money a no nothing
Life a di greatest
Well hear di latest

(Verse 1)
Dem worship vanity an merry wid it
Like seh dem fi get seh dem can kick di bucket ant minute
Cause all a di car dem, all a di jewellery, all a di liquor
Hennessy donperrion
When yo gone yo naw go berry wid it
Dem just a flash it an dem naw move ordinary wid it
Dem come a hype over account wah have 11 digit
Wah no value life only value dem cherry civic
But remember this from yo have life yo very legit

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Dem get caught up in a dem idol worshiping
Dem no take no time fi count dem blessing, worst fi search di king
Dem have a constant just fi vanity
A constant erge fi sin
But Kemys seh mi fi warn dem dont indulge a certain thing
Dem get blinded an dis guided whole a dem a church di thing
Dem adapt di vampire mentality blood thirsty thing
From di whom to di toom pan pass di coffin purchasing
What a thing when grim reaper circle him
A so mi know seh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro 2X)

(Repeat Chorus)