Mavado – Ghetto Bible Lyrics

(Verse 1)
The ghetto bible seh
A next man nuh fi bad mind a next man
Over him things stop gwaan like you sex man

That’s why you in a sex can
Hate you when you up, dem waan fi si you down
That’s why dem come a temp mi
Right now mi thing buck and mi don’t give a f–k
A might just buy a Bentley

Dem know mi a the boss fi the century
Every gyal a come a seh dem waan gimmi plenty
Ghetto story a old documentary
Done played out from 1920

Fassy hole don’t call mi nuh brother
Caw wi never born from the same woman
A fassy hole waan mash up you life
And a carry grudge worster than woman

Dem could a never, ever, ever, stay round mi
None a dem couldn’t trick or clown wi
Wi bad, dem couldn’t break that woman

(Verse 2)
Wi nuh in a the he seh, she seh
Everybody know seh a bad from a me seh
Dem bwoy deh a si, si the G deh
Lock dem up si the key deh
Mister fassy weh a smile and a pree mi
And a do things fi yo wife nuh pree mi
Yo soft like paper towel, man a steely
Read the lines this a your lines really

Yo si Jah naw meck mi suffer
And him naw meck you be mi
Mi swear, and a straight to the top anytime when you see mi
Everyday dem a fight and you know who really
Dem same one eat from yo hand dem too f–king greedy

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)