Shawn Storm – Gun Down Lyrics

Some pu–y hole fi know seh wi no take talk
How you fi waan bad up a man weh him and death walk
Inna yo neck part blood ring out a you
Like wet cloth

Well today you get gun down, gun down
Yo naw live another second when the supn hot
Foot a run down, run down
A couple bullet inna face left hole inna head back
Wi no gun clown, naw touch the road wid no empty gun
More shot then people weh down town
Pon a Saturday when wi have the shotty wi, wi, shot you weh
When you a watch deh catty deh

(Verse 1)
Mi hear some bwoy a meck step
Pu–y hole mi wi meck a next step, next step
When select take a wet you like a wet dead
The hostressing sweeter than Nestley
A gun shot mi send people mi no send threat
From you si mi gun yo just meck death

People a bawl and weep
The grim reaper a gaza so wa yo expect
And wi a kill people from wi a juvenile
A the one pop or the one strap
A no nothing fi mi meck blood run like nile
Left a hole like when a bomb drop
Machine ever grease so never ever stuck
Wi, wi, come fi you, wi no give a f–k who you a fu*k
Could a hide under yo momma frock
True yo get weh yesterday
Well today yo out a luck

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Well Ned seh fi kill dem inna the second verse
So mi kill dem inna the second verse
And now mi do mi thing mi get mi grains fi mi weapon verse
Pu–y hole you better get one nerse
Shoes inna hand wid lace
And mi never second verse, when mi weapon burst
Naw stop knock it till it skin out like gyal
Sound like when gyal a curse
Meck the family haffi draw fi a second hearse
Bullet mi a fire according
Enter inna head brain fly weh like a gorline
Mi love the 45 cause it sound so brawling
Mi love the 44, mi call it mi darling
Meck a step now, Shirley weh morning
Before mi start the corning
Mi si two bwoy yearning
Hostro start the horning
The lama start the lawning
Should a get yo momma warning

(Repeat Chorus)