Gappy Ranx – Grow Your Natty Lyrics

Rastafari have love for everyone
And rastafari lead the people from confusion
All when you in a babylon

You haffi grow yo natty dread
Grow yo natty dread

Rasta man shake yo natty dread
Shake yo natty dread
And please don’t ever stop

You haffi grow yo natty dread
Grow yo natty dread

Rastafari seh good over evil
Grow yo natty dread
To the people mi a talk nough

(Verse 1)
Gaza couldn’t fight, but dem change dem life
Rasta gave dem a voice
Rasta is he the author
From the start
Beware of the wolf in disguise
Rasta man pay the heaviest price
Rasta humble and a one bag a noise
And a one bag a talki talk in a the streets
Dem walkie from garbie open dem eyes
Herb haffi burn, and the kattie drum it haffi beat
From I was young the elders dem se mi fid weet

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Real rasta keep the thing dem ital
Bay veggie trunks and banana
Rasta man if you did was
From Jamaica to
Rasta man cross every border
Time fi the equally rights and the justice
And never yet ask fi a dollar
Rastafari is the best way to live
Our life is sweetly all the time
A rastafari lead the blind

(Repeat Chorus)