Exco Levi & Iba Mahr – Sweet Mama Africa Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Meck mi tell you bout a place I know
A place of kings and ancient scrolls
Where the hark and the covenant remains as a prove
That God choose the people is king David rule
Medium critic dem use and wanna shake you
Colonize and brutalize
But still couldn’t brake you
Cause your determine as the current of the mile
Always making preparation for your likkle child

Mama, mama, mama, mama
Sweet mama Africa
Sweet mama Africa

Mama, mama, mama, mama
Yes wi coming home

(Verse 2)
I let me tell you about a thing
My eyes behold ma empress
Shi went to Africa
Shi bring me back Ebol
Yes half of the story have never beign told
Revaturate and meck wi go back home
Very close the the beaches and the ferns

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Well Ethiopia the home of my father
Where their God’s always love to be
Black star line as the doc up on the harbor
Straight pass the Atlantic sea
Watch this, wi lox a twist
Turban and robe
Red, green and gold the order that wi eyes behold
Ina this well you can catch I man a spar wid Iba Mahr
That same old black youth of

(Repeat Chorus)