Shawn Storm – Dancing Shoes Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Clap dem, clap dem
Round of applause
Chat too much dawg
Cho the style weh mi sivv up
Mi head God damn frig up
Like mi mix peach wid syrup
Bad like when volcano erupt
Mi nuh pu–y, mi nuh girl in a wig up
Violate and the 14 dig up
Mi bad like Tisha from Spain
Plus west Kingston live up
And a real bad man nothing rig up
Hey dread bwoy hold a pig up
Spit in a yo face like bad bwoy Willy
The do the Willy Bounce suh Bogle get dig up
A nuh bad man forward, bad man pull up
Call up mi name till yo head top full up
A nuh dancing thing when the thunder clap
Every day in a Harlem Shake Red Bull up
Killer walk when Toyota pull up
Signal the plane, hand dem put up
40 cal dem fresh and clenic
When the 16 claat it meck people pup up

Rise the dancing shoes
Clap it
People haffi move
Meck mi tell you this straight up
Badman nuh tek bate up
Shot play riddim without the blues
Dis mi yo sure fi meck the news
When it buss yo cyaa hear good
Like when phone a break up

(Verse 2)
When gunshot pitch paw you
Find dem off
Pon the rive bank mi bank dem off
Four five ball meck yo go down the flank
And wiggle like worm, suh you tan deh laugh
Gaza 9 meck yo gully creeper
Meck yo gangster rock out yo sneaker
Dan diggy, diggy, then yo do the diggy bounce
Then mi clena up the road wid the street sweeper
AK send dem over the wall
Put yo AK over the wall and spray
Tell everybody fall
Mi a scank and kill meck everybody bwall
Ratchet in aneck meck yo raging bull
Polish bwoy head like mi name him pull
Mi nuh dancer, mi nuh scanker, Gaza to Flanka
Plus Beijing full

(Repeat Chorus)