Gully Bop Ft. Imari – Drop Mi (Claims Records Diss) Lyrics

How dem fi drop mi
And a nuh dem pick mi up
Chat dem a talk but mi a nuh mascut

How dem fi drop mi
And a nuh dem pick mi up
True mi money get nough

How dem fi drop mi
And mi don’t get chip up
Drop mi a drop, but mi don’t feel the drop

How dem fi drop mi
Caw mi nuh mascut
Right now fi mi life must get catch up

(Verse 1)
Bop, Bop, Bop, you a the don, true you got the plan
Got the whole world in the palm a yo hand
Claa in session, country man flexx
Straight from the gully yo the top they never had
Round of applause for the captain
Lie you wanna track wid the queen of the Atlantic
I don’t know if they ready for the classic
Well clen I ain’t talking bout no fabrics
I ain’t playing with no magic
You playing wrong you go hear from the casket
The money come, money go, money stock it
Some of dem will never get the habit

You too bad mind naw go play up in the traffic
Free flow I wouldn’t give it if I had it
Ain’t nobody in my lane go be the passage
I just handle the flame and I flash it

From the gully to the money
Benz man a drive, man naw drive sunny
Yow straight mi straight, mi nuh funny
Vex dem vex true Gully Bop start meck money
Shi a the queen a the Atlantic
And mi know seh the girl fantastic
The mount a money weh shi meck dem in a elastic
Even paw radio shi move drastic

Acam creeping in the dark like am Rambo
Am the certified boss nuh scandal
I record in Jamaica they go hear it in Orlando
Bop, Bop, CDL they cant let go
Grab the wheel we go circle like the feris wheel
I take shots at the go from the mid field
I put my lyrics on the riddim wid a tight seal
The flow sick and am looking for queel

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)