Chan Dizzy – Whenever You Need It Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Whenever shi want it and cyaa look
Dem things dem shi told yo
Shi hold mi tight fi real
Shi nuh care bout sleep
Shi ready fi cause trouble round yah

Mi love how shi bubble and brace
Whine her body so nice
Shi wi go the three sum don’t
Shi and Donia
You a temp my gyal don’t you

Shi seh shi want love in a the morning
Love in a the evening
Loving whenever shi feel fa
Baby mi deh yah when yo want it
Whenever yo need it
Ready mi ready suh seet yah
Mi meck shi go punana yeah, punana yeah

Seh dance suh, then mi set on di order yeah
Punana yeah, punana yeah
Shi back it up and balance pon all a hi

(Verse 2)
Wine up you a the baddest in yah
Yo body hot till it a burn up gasoline
In a the bed room your not a deam
Mi love fi mash you up like seh you drop from a tree top
You plus me gyal what a future
A bad blood yo love straight not a idiot
Know when yo ride pon the bike wheel that
Pleasure wid pain real hot

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Love it when you give mi like a supn weh yo owed mi
Mi have whole heap a gyal but love you like mi one and only
When ti come to knowledge mi have to give you the trophy
You know how fi use conversation arose mi
Touch you real slowly
Yo sit down in a saddle like a jockey pon a pony
You a mi cheerleader
Suh whenever shi lonely shi found mi

(Repeat Chorus)