Jahmiel – Someday Lyrics 

(Verse 1)
Not nice, life remind mi a the boat ride
It have mi a rock from both side
And if mi no hold on mi drop out
When mi look mi si the amount
Have people mi haffi take care a
So mi know mi cyaa be a failure
Nuff get kill inna bad man thing
Portmore mi never stop from sing

Cause someday, someday
Someday yea, yea, yea
All my struggles will be gone
Mi family no hungry

Cause someday, someday
Someday yea, yea, yea
Everything weh mi dreaming about
A go be outside when mi awake

(Verse 2)
Wi holding on the road to start
Mi no waan get no more cremand
Life is a test, keep doing yo best
No wi unfortunate, that no seh wi cyaa meck
Keep trying, leave idling
Mi si nuff have the steal rising
That bring the reconcoffin
Work hard mi no sleep that often

(Repeat Chorus)

Mi waan live to si mi dreams dem come true
And mi no waan no more grave dig
Fi si mi bad chargy dem a go into
Not nice mi no stop fight
Every ghetto youth tired a the hard life

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus 2X)