I-Octane – Life Goes On Lyrics

In these heartless streets
A nuff juvenile die young
Everyday a the week somebody in a coffin lydown
But life goes on, suh mi haffi si you one day
Life goes on, shall meet again one day

(Verse 1)
Mi swear seh the glock run when mi hear the news
Caw me never believe seh a your time
Wi know yo as a youth weh a hunt the food
Hustling dollar sign it a your style
Now mi si the impact pon the faces
There’s never like cause death a nuh, nuh secret
Too much fi wi bear
Cut wi too deep tell wi how wi a go treat hi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Markus mi seh mi cry fi mi chargy
Pon the wall fi him picture mi haffi chalk hi
Mi use to get him everyday pon him phone
Now a voicemail mi a get when mi call hi
You were more than a friend to mi
More than a friend to mi
Yo rather supn do you before it do mi
Now you gone away

(Repeat Chorus 2X)