Wasp – Tek Weh Bwoy Gal Lyrics

Tek weh bwoy gyal and return her back
Tek weh yo gyal and return her back
Style and pattan mi learn her that
Mi nuh know how yuh a go earn her back

Wi tek weh bwoy gyal but return her back
Tek weh yo gyal and return her back
Style and pattan mi learn her that
How yuh a go earn her back

(Verse 1)
Bwoy in a him yard a watch cartoon
Mi a f–k him girl in a the bathroom
Shi open her book and mi tek out mi pencil
Just call that art room
Nuff gyal mi have from mi a go a school
Ask any gyal in a mi classroom
Me and mi cousin go a wedding last week
And mi tek weh the bride from the rass groom
Barrow waan Lamborghini
And tek Queeny from Beenie
F–k Alkaline gyal infront a him face
But the tattoo eye meck him nuh see mi
Bounty Killer dem a pree mi
And seh gyal yo deh wid Wasp really
When a me a the general weh run the whole town
And yo really give it up suh easy
Bwoy lock strap and a rob shop
While mi have him gyal pon mi black c–k
Mi open her up like a laptop
Then mi attack wid backshot
Tek weh bwoy gyal and go knock that
Knock it again, and again, and again, and again
And then mi bring back that

Twenty three gyal up town
Seventeen bad gyal down town
Me a the man weh did tek weh the gyal
From the selector bwoy round a down sound
Man a bad man mi a nuh gyal clown
Gyal draws haffi a drop down
This a fi the bloodclaat gyallis dem
Rather unuh popular or unuh unknown

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Alright, one night mi a hold a vibe
Somewhere pon Mona Drive
Si a bartender gyal a tell mi seh shi rate Gully Gaad
But a my song tek over time
Gyal yo hot, hot, like the stove a light
Shi seh come sleep wid mi over night
Mi seh no just sell mi a sex pon the beach
Shi seh sex as yo reach overdrive
Friends seh mi cold like freezer
Caw mi get gyal more easier
And mi no partial could a lesbian gyal
C–key turn dem in a believer
Tek weh Kiesha from Triesha
Now Triesha have amnesia
Shi seh Wasp meck mi tell yo this straight up
Mi nuh love man, mi seh yow me neither

Mi have two girl weh a track star
A movie star and a pop star
One weh feel shi a Miley Cyrus
Mi cyaa tell her seh shi a no rock star
Seh mi have a girl shi seh what star
Shi no really care bout that star
Care bout that cause if mi hear seh shi a trouble my girl
Mi a go box her
Girl zip mi down and seh mi iry
And dem waan roll wid the fame crew
In a the sun city me got class and a listen hitz 92
Every girl wanna have fun
And every tugs just waan screw
F–k yo girl until morning come
Then me bring her back to you

(Repeat Chorus)