Jayds – Gyalis From Birth Lyrics

Mi get more than one a day
Mi have so much gyal mi give gyal away
20 gyal from Canada, USA
Seh dem waan me spend holiday a Mobay
How some man seh dem a gyallis
And nuh have nuh gyal list
Member every girl a mine hi nuh or Ladin

(Verse 1)
Gyallis from birth nuh in a the chit chat
If a gyal deh round mi her leg cannot keep lock
Gyal a volunteer sit down pon the big c–k
Gyal waan fi swallow mi up like a tic toc
Mi thief yo gyal like a gold wrist watch
When mi walk pass in a mi sox and mi flip flops
Woman weh own house pon the hill top
Drive left dem husband a me shi kidnap
And seh mi taste sweeter than when shi eat cake
bare gyal a rush mi it seem like seh me late
Gyal weh bad, gyal weh shy till dem knee shake
Gyal weh spend money cause it’s not a free date
Get any gyal mi want, any gyal weh me take
All if she ugly look like a real ape
Mi still a f–k pu–y cause it’s not a mistake
Tek weh dem gyal then release her like a mix tape

Ghetto gyal or residential
Mi get gyal like seh mi meck gyal
Mi accept gyal, nuh reject gyal
Dem alone meck mi c–key tough like metal
Mi love pu–y clean when yuh used detal
Gimmi if your pu–y pretty like petal

Mi accept gyal, nuh reject gyal
Just meck mi c–key tough like metal

(Verse 2)
Any gyal mi f–k dem want a fetos
Seh mi qualify mi nuh get no C+
Bare gyal a fan mi down like dem see bus
Seh dem waan fi chew mi c–key like a peanut
Me lust from shi serious
Mi tek weh Larkesa from Nicodemus
Any gyal mi want me can feel up
Could a drive Benz or Helux

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)