Gully Bop – Run Dem A Run (Ninjaman & Black Ryno Diss) [New Music]

Dancehall upcoming deejay Gully Bop drop a new single dissing Ninjaman and Black Ryno titled “Run Dem A Run,” produced by Frenz 4 Real.

Check out the full track and lyrics excerpts below.

Running from the bop
Dem running from the bop
Well Ninjaman and Ryno dem running from the bop

Running from the clash
Dem running from the clash
Well Ninjaman and Ryno
Running from the clash

FULL: Gully Bop – Run Dem A Run Lyrics

Listen full track below.


  1. I big up gully bop but i can’t see him being around 4 long.

    • He is ugly and weird looking straight, and he is too proud and show off he needs to chill and be more humble watch when that woman nam him out.

  2. He will fade with time very soon… Hr has no business distrspeting ninja… He should focus on practice calming his a$$… Hurry com up! He can do his thing and be around for a long time if he stays calm and have a great song writer working with him..

  3. Gully Bop a bait!
    Ninja Man she yo, even if him kill Gully Boo him woulda haffi walk around wid a Gully Bop picture fi show people who the hell Gully Bop is. Gully Bop a come up, no doubt, but him a try rise up offa next man name… just easy and do music.

  4. Gully bop a real general its proven ok once and for all