Fambo – Hit The Road Lyrics

We hit the road
Hit the road when the party hot
Mi naw catch no house color
Naw tan a mi yard no way

Rise up the party is calling
Naw go back a mi yard till morning
Cover the road just like a chaporling
Who doe’s that

(Verse 1)
Reach a the club dem a shout dan dadda
Spend 100 grand dem a bwal oh tada
Trailer load a gyal like a me name Shabba
Gyal dem a seh mi a dem new baby dadda
Doctor seh drinking no good fi mi bladder
Stay so high under trees and grabber
So clean dem a smell all mi shadow
Kam ford shoes mi no wear Bank Robber

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Have a flight fi go catch but yo know mi naw bother
Feed to the road tweet, tweet, just follow
Watch the Instagram Fambo tan, tadda
Drink inna hand my girl just swallow
Seh shi got brains so mi know she’s a scalla
Seh shi wanna sing on the mic accopella
Always drinking am a drunking fellow
Party shi seh who mika smeller

(Repeat Chorus)

Party mi don’t worry bout the bill
Another champagne just make it chill
Excuse mi ma drinks just spill
Have money on my card am o pay that bill
Fun so hot like a fire on the grill
Get gyal kevin never draw nil
Girl pop that marly, pop that pill
Why yo cup empty it need to fill

(Repeat Chorus)