Stein – Can’t Stop Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Like brakes dem a try stop da youth yah
Yuh no waan mi buss my cabazuka
Badmind waan mi out like candle
True dem cyaa manipulate are maneuver
Tell mi weh dem waan stop mi food fa
Tell mi weh dem waan stop mi food fa
Supn haffi happen caw wi a shooter
A no one bag a talk Muta Baruka
Long time dem a gi mi a fight
But all my confidence infinite
Me no believe inna losing
Try stop mi food is like yuh waan gi mi yo life
Gi mi this wa him waan do mi thins
No bias a mi wickedest lyrics mi a spit
Do no tell Wayne yuh no fi play mi hits
And naw tell dem gyal no sit down pon mi d**K

Steezy, steezy, meck di sh– look easy
Gyal weh greedy naw refrain fi please mi
God believe mi, me never get freaky
Mi no lick clit, I am not likkle Weezie

(Verse 2)
If yuh no waan si me lef
Yo future wi dark like Guinness
Mi do wa mi fi do and mi no business
Yo better watch yo head back like a series
Politics dem a try stop mi meal wid
But hypocrite friend mi no deal wid
Caw mi sweet like witch path di beas is
Wrong grammar but a 2 worth a pleases
Dem waan exclude mi from di business
Dem waan si mi career dead
But mi music a spread like fungus diseases

Dem girl a treat mi like rigles
Candy store reses pieces
Mi wi run through di woman side a yo family
Aunty and cousin, and nieces

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Mi no care who dis like a no like
Stronger mi get when dem gimmi more fight
Dem waan si mi inna coffin like snow white
Weh dem a go do when mi start roll like?
Step inna di club gyal steering
And a no di car weh mi steering
Meck yo gyal si mi and hailing
Come a mi yard and pop out are hearing
Cyaa stop mi bank account from rise
When dem go to di media and a tell lies
Dem a fight mi so dem cyaa look in my eyes
Cyaa crash mi career like a hard drive
Big house and di Bimma and di Benz haffi buy
Wid di sun roof fi mi look inna di sky
Mi bomboclaat bank account no fi dry
All or nothing, f satisfy

(Repeat Chorus)

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