T’Nez – Wet Up Lyrics

If a love yo waan mi wi be yo sponsor
When the f a call mi wi be yo answer
Regular yo seh yo badder than cancer

A bet yo seh mi meck yo wet up gyal
Tonight when yo come over mi yard
Yuh haffi wet up gyal
Yo know seh mi know weh yo want

And mi naw talk bout no wet up from rain
Yeh weh mi a talk a the pleasure and pain
Meck yo wet up gyal
Yo haffi get wet tonight

(Verse 1)
Sweat a drop off a mi body and a drop her eyes
Yea, shi a text and a call fi the stamina she want mine
Shi bite her lip and look paw mi, and mi look back in her eyes
And pon her hip shi push paw mi and right deh so she start wine
Yea, yuh a go love it caw tonight wi a go all out
A no deaddy, deaddy, thing yuh a go broad out
A no bed wid everything wi a go all bout
Mi go east west north, but mi naw south
When am with yuh a feel like am a king with a queen
Girl, tonight mi a go meck yo feel like she yo live in a dream

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
From yo walk through the door put yo clothe to the floor
Meck wi start
From the heart to the bed, to the couch, to the ground pon the carpet
Four hours gone and a warm mi a warm
Mi no start yet
Gyal mi love it when yuh a tell mi how much yuh really want it
A bet yuh seh all tomorrow when yo reach home
Yuh still feeling it
A bet yo seh when mi done yo cyaa walk fi at least 15 minutes
Yuh no haffi tell mi slow down baby cause mi naw bruk the speed limit
But mi a go meck yo body run water like seh yuh have a stream in it

(Repeat Chorus 2X)