Alkaline – Hard Work Lyrics

Everybody waan supn in a life
To a higher level whole a wi a strive
Dung to the coke head weh only could a buy a ball a coke
Him waan fi buy fifen

Everybody waan supn in a life
Suh wi haffi wuk wid all wi might
Nuh walk foot man nuh like tek bus
Suh everyday wi cuss and seh wi waan get a drive

Just hard work determination
Mi know everybody waan be the man
If yuh a work gwaan work hard
Nothing nuh lost fi have a new suit be the big man

But a hard work determination
Mi know everybody waan be the man
Do nuh stop work hard
Hard and it look like seh nothing nah gwaan
Yo time soon come

(Verse 1)
Nothing in a life nuh easy
Not even fi seh the alphabet easy
AB…mi cyaa remember but anyway unuh fi listen me
But hear weh mi pastor seh to me
By the sweat a yo brow bread yuh eat
Jah know mi tired a bread, mi waan mi beef
If a even fi gi gravy fi touch wid it
But fi get rich a everybody plan
Every ghetto youth, every strong black woman
Stay focus and remember weh yuh come from
Mi born poor but in a poverty mi nah tan
Big up the gyal dem weh do the hair from
Lace wig to rope twist catch up in a one
Gwaan dweet pon the street and save up yo money
Fi buy a hair dresser Paulo hi nuh man

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Big up every taxi man in a the street
Especially Poppine and Half Way Tree
Government fight unuh while JUTC over load
While unuh have 3
But nuh meck that stop unuh from get money
Suh when yuh si red still go fi the money green
Nothing cyaa stop wi from achieve the truth
Suh dutty mind people cyaa go meck wi blue
ALka a big up every schoolers weh have it
From yuh hustle and sell any type a sweets
Chaddy one, chad the green pot
Check weh mi waan
Anything just fi get a extra money
Big up the gardener weh sell the weed
The pharmacist dem weh sell the druggist weed
Gyal dem weh sell happiness in a the street
From everybody weh a come and all now cyaa reach

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)