Gyptian – Girls Dem Love Me Lyrics

The girl dem seh that mi nice, and mi sweet
And everyweh mi go dem waan gimmi piece
And even girls seven days a week
Anywhere dem si the rasta man dem weak

Dem seh that mi nice, and mi sweet
And every likkle girl want a piece
Nuff people wonder how mi dweet
How mi walk so free and known inna the street

(Verse 1)
Mi seh mi buck a girl the other day
As wi reach a mi house mi seh straight 4 play
Seh shi never know a so mi stay
Seh mi meck are body run, mi si right through her yea
Shi seh shi waan more
Shi seh shi naw leave
Shi seh shi waan stay
Hands round mi neck
Foot round mi waist
Straight to the bedroom mi say
Tahetipada she say
And she don’t come fi mi lightly
Shi come fi the new style slap weh
That she say

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
All my girls dem enjoy when dem wine me
A that dem say
Dem never wine no other like me
Yo cyaa turn him inna sex
Do no tell mi have no warm
Mi no care weh yo waan fi say
Because always girl surround mi
Girl motivate mi
More girl a that mi seh

(Repeat Chorus 2X)