Konshens & Kes -How We Play Lyrics

This is how we play the game
And we go represent and show them who we stand for
Lets turn it up and light the flame
If you not here to give it all then what you hear for?

So get up and unite
For your team we’ll give the best we’ve got
Hands up, right up
And play hard, to take it to the top

(Verse 1)
Yeh mi bad, yeh mi bad, yeh mi picture mi bad
Everyday, every wicket, every stump
A the heart and soul and passion
A the culture Caribbean does
Wid tool wi come out all nation
Fi the team inna unification
When the stadium ram, bleacher to grandstand
A the meaning a beautification

Support yo self, put on yo color
Tough like sword wi no soft like butter
Them seh them rough, wi coming out rougher
So wa? This year wi haffi be the winner
And the ladies 20-1
Pure vibes inna the party stand
Rough to be Caribbean
Put up yuh hand, put up yuh hand

The game is getting hotter
take it now or never
Hit another six there’s no way we can lose
They say it’s who we are, what we live for
We can’t get enough

(Repeat Chorus)