Elephant Man – Clean Lyrics

Mario C turn it up
Turn it up loud
Dancers march out
Everybody march out
Unu thing sort out
Shelly Belly wid di clean
March out wid him team
Hot gyal walk out
Unu thing sort out
Everybody join in
And do di new dance name clean
Wa it name

From unu clean do di clean, clean clean
A di brand new dance wa Shelly Belly bring in
Clean do di clean, clean, clean
Meck mi si yo start dance from mi know yuh no lean

(Verse 1)
Alright do di clean dance brush off yo shirt now
Meck mi si yo dance yuh no have no dirt now
Mouly arm dancing nah go work

Yuh haffi fresh like di water wa come from di earth
Now it a lock c view back to mountain view
Every old dance haffi go reverse now
Video man shine di video light
Over hype Shelly Belly show dem how fi dweet

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Si di dance yah wa a go meck yo dance off yo lean
Energy racoon echo lug speak Japaneses
Deh one yah a run yard lock over seas
So when unu si Shelly Belly thank him please
The gyal dem a dance an a do it wid ease
Look how wi run out mad like a K’s wi a squeeze
Check out heddy lugs and echo
When dem a do di clean dem bad he
The whole dance echo

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

(Repeat Chorus 2)