Deep Jahi – Stay Far Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Draw the line, mi draw the line
Badmind mi pree yo sign
Me rather walk pon the chalk line
Dem cyaa draw mi out no time
Nuh loose friend to mi circle
I don’t care a could a black, a could a purple
Chronixx seh how mi fi dress and mi nuh certain
Baxx seh who yo go trust a dem wi hurt you
No friend mi never beg, mi build and hold mi own a medz
And if yo study some a dem, dem have the worstest set a medz
Old crab in a barrel, sign where dem a travel
Dem have some dutty set a ways waan drag you down wid dem

Stay far, stay far from the eden
Tell badmind, like flour mi nuh need dem, noo

Haffi stay far, stay far from the eden
Tell badmind I know dem hatred a grow

(Verse 2)
Man a done general
Differently unique like gem emerald
Dem a watch out mi style
Some turn bederal
Badmind waan si mi blood run mineral

Cyaa roll wid nuh stab in a back
Pon warrior block and try fi tell mi sorry fa that
Noo tarry, no stop
Things yo waan fi carry go chat
Like gyal wid yo crackers sell out like stock in a shop

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Selassie High watch over me
When a oil and powder dem waan splash over me
Dem waan gun shot clap over me
Seh dem a yo friend but not totally
Selassie High watch over me
Jah, jah, cover me
Dem waan si mi top block over me
That dem not going to see

(Repeat Chorus)