Busy Signal – Yu Si Mi Lyrics

Well yo si me, me naw tackle wid no man
Mi no play fist fight an mi no rustle wid no man
Yuh si me me naw whisper to no man
And no bwoy cyaa whisper to me
Yuh si me naw trust no bwoy wid mi gyal
Naw meck no body open up mi alcohol
Yuh si me dem cyaa trick mi an plan mi funeral
Stay true to all who true to me

(Verse 1)
Dog house yow incase yuh never know
Nuff a dem a enemy the sky sec no show
Domino effect dem a go fall down in a row
Dem a plan till s idem get a tun back blow

The road dem chad no real youths naw go go
Dem a flass get lost dem no have nothing fi show
Nuff a dem go stoop fi wah a glitter an a glow
Till a man g idem a cable like flow

That’s why yuh si dem, wi no bad mine like a dem
No sit down chat people waste time like a dem
Yuh si dem wi naw go change like a dem
No sponger pon people turn mange like a dem

Watch wah yuh do, watch wah yuh speak seh
Don’t follow dem go get lost pond a street deh
Behind close door mi no waan know wa gwaan
And mi worst no waan find out wa gwaan under da sheet deh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi seh Jah, that mean seh Jah protect the I
Whenever mi touch the road yo know mi blessings multiply
A Jah mi give mi praise, long live mi days
And mi naw take part wid not a devil guy
Oh no no act like seh yuh no seet
Busy this dem cyaa offer mi no beat
Real youths no take defeat
A prayer start my day, prayer make it complete that’s why

(Repeat Chorus)