Bugle – Nuh Like Da Style Deh Lyrics

Mi a tell yo seh
S–k mother joke wi nuh run that

Funny man joke wi nuh run that
Bow cat joke wi nuh run that
Caw wi gun that
We naw work wid that

Mi nuh like da style deh
Mi nuh waan da profile deh
Funny mooney a run wi nuh waan da kyle deh
Obeah a work and wi naw buy da oil deh

Wi nuh like da style deh
Big man yo shouldn’t touch the juvenile deh
The joke you a run, to we a nuh fun
Suh mine wi go fi the Tarrus Riley

(Verse 1)
Don’t come around us
If you know you nuh straight
Don’t try grounds out man
Cause you wi get eliminate
This a nuh social network
But me still a hold my space
Only Jah, Jah, can help if you violate

Suh gwaan sing amazing grace
Gwaan live yo life sah
Just don’t bring it round yah
Keep it in a private
Wi nuh waan know wa in a yo toilet

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Member wi did worn you previous
But you never believe us
If you dis my mother weh mi love suh
Mi a go tek it serious
Mi nuh business if you mischievous
Yo could a come from mars or venus
Mi warn you again and again
When yo si wi stay far
Just gwaan and leave us

(Repeat Chorus 2x)