Versatile – Party Yah Nice Lyrics

Fling up every hand up in a the sky
From yo come fi hold a vibes

Fling up every hand up in a the sky
From yo come fi hold a vibes

(Verse 1)
Up in a the club wid a dozen gyal
Mi a floss wid a bottle and a cup in hand
Selector a rinse out couple song
Gyal a move troublesome a me shi waan bubble pon
Shi bad, shi bad
Oh God shi out fi mad me
Meck mi spend every dollar from mi duffle bag
But mi no give a damn mi come fi party

We are having a good time
And mi a spend mi money yo can talk seh mi too kind
But da party yah nice, it nice, it nice
Mi and mi friend dem a hold a vibes
Da party yah nice, hi nice, hi nice

(Verse 2)
Da party yah nice and different
Floss man a floss wi nah hype pon wi friend
Yeh and mi no come yah suh fi pose
Money full in a mi clothe weh mi buy from the trends
Mi a drink and a puff my big head
Party nice it buck like big head
Gyal a wine yow a mi shi waan gi then
But mi no waan shi left the event

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
This yah vibes cyaa over
I-Octane mi si a gyal
So mi call over
Hennessy a mi foot mi no waan soda
Tomorrow night wi a go dweet all over

Wi no go easy wi go hard out yah
Cork a fly cork so wi cyaa sober
Hissy Mi Yorky wi no carry oder
We woman a war over
So meck mi talk louder

(Repeat Chorus)


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