Nicky B – Broken Lyrics

(Verse 1)
All my friends told me that you were the one
And I believe them
Yes I believe them
Baby every single piece of my heart
And for some reason
You don’t get to pieces

I did everything
Followed all of the guidelines
To make our relationship work
Even got a Pray
But that didn’t matter
Cause I still ended up getting hurt

I never saw this coming from a thousand miles away
I never know that someone could ever make me feel this way
You left me so broken
Girl am so broken

(Verse 2)
Oh it really hurt, it really hurt
Now when dada try everything to make it work
Guess I wasn’t enough for you
Girl a wa else yo did waan mi do
A know a got to start over
Yes I got to move on
But I know it’s gonna be real hard of course
Girl lets goes along

(Repeat Chorus 2X)