T’Nez – Jehovah Lyrics

Rather mi eyes are fall
Whoo, ever deh bout
Jehovah, Jehovah

Rather mi eyes are fall
Whoo, ever deh bout

(Verse 1)
Mankind evil
Longtime people a badmind people
The same one wa lift yuh when yuh crown
Turn round kick yuh when yuh down yea
Jah watch mi friends fi mi please
Don’t watch mi enemies
So any new face dem a linger bout
A one thing mi think about

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mankind heartless
But dem cyaa curse no body wa the lord bless
An mi know seh mi god bless
Si dem a come in from a far but mi naw fret
Dem waan mi walk wid mi face pon the ground
No waan mi rise like the face a the sun
An if mi look inna the face a the gun
If mi no call pon Jah Jah mi a call him son

(Repeat Chorus)

Rather mi friend dem a switch an sell mi
Rather mi sick are healthy
Rather mi poor, rich or wealthy
Him always deh bout

(Repeat Chorus)