Gage – Dem Nuh Worry Me Lyrics

Mi a the number one
Mi come from Clarendon
The don gargon
So meck mi tell yo supn mi nuh fraid a nuh man

All DJ waan fi have a girl in each and every town
And mi nuh worry bout the dibi, dibi, DJ dem
Caw nuff a dem bwoy deh a clown

Dem nuh worry we, dem nuh worry we lord
All the talk dem a talk
And a try come meck some wrong speech

(Verse 1)
First of all mi haffi big up Tivoly
And then mi haffi big up the place Brook Vally
And everybody know mi a Clarendon somebody
Yo know seh the whole world naw stop seh Addi
Mi big up the ball head, mi big up the dreaddy
Dem deh nuh bad and mi tell yo that already
Mi nuh fraid a Jason, mi nuh fraid a Freddy
A suh mi haffi humble and hold a likkle meddi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Caw mi seh badness a nuh supn fi yo try
And member seh bravery nuh come over night
Mi 3 piece suit and mi likkle bow tie
Yo si the criminality yo look in a mi eye
Mi intelligent just like mister night
Real criminal haffi go read and write
Yo si the 17 a mi favorite choice
And the gyal dem weh pretty like

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)