Nicki Minaj “All Things Go” Lyrics

The full lyrics for Nicki Minaj song “All Things Go” featured on her album The PinkPrint, release on December 15, 2014.

“All Things Go” was produced by Boi-1da, Vinylz & Allen Ritter and co-written by Ester Dean.

Verse 1:
Yo, I had to reinvent, I put the V in vent
I put the heat in vents, man I been competin’ since
I look beyond what people sayin’, and I see intent
Then I just sit back and decipher, what they really meant
Cherish these nights, cherish these people
Life is a movie, but there will never be a sequel
And I’m good with that, as long as I’m peaceful
As long as 7 years from now, I’m taking my daughter to preschool
Cherish these days, man do they go quick
Just yesterday, I swear it was o’ six
Ten years ago, that’s when you proposed
I look down, yes I suppose

All things go, all things go
All things go, all things go
I feel a minute, yeah we got it then its gone
While we keep waiting for a moment till it falls
So can’t nobody ever tell me that I’m wrong
Cause I’ma ride I’m with you still the night is young
We keep goin’, we go, we go, we go
We wake back up and do it all again
We know, we know, say f**k the world, we ridin’ til the end
I know its sudden, look at what we’ve become
I just want you to know that I did it all for you

Verse 2:
I lost my little cousin to a senseless act of violence
His sister said, he wanted to stay with me, but I didn’t invite him
Why didn’t he ask, or am I just buggin’?
Cause since I got fame, they don’t act the same
Even though they know, that I love him
Family ties, broken before me, ni**as tryna kill him, he ain’t even call me
And that’s the reflection of me, yes I get it, I get it, it was all me
I pop a pill and remember the look in his eyes, the last day he saw me

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:
Let me make this clear I’m not difficult, I’m just about my business
I’m not into fake industry parties, and fake agendas
Rock with people for how they make me feel not what they give me
Even the ones that hurt me the most, I still show forgiveness
I’m love my mother more than life itself, and that’s a fact
I’d give it all, if I could somehow, just rekindle that
She never understands, why I’m so overprotective
The more I work, the more I feel like, somehow they’re neglected
I want ‘Caiah to go to college, just to say “We did it!”
My child with Aaron, would’ve have been sixteen, any minute
So in some ways I feel like ‘Caiah, is the both of them
It’s like he’s ‘Caiah’s little angel, looking over him
And I know Jelani will always love me, and I’ll always love him
And I’m just his little sister not Nicki Minaj when I’m around him
Yeah we did it, let’s leave this imprint
Just finished writing, this is the Pinkprint

Repeat chorus