Chan Dizzy & Hollow Point – The Don Lyrics

Yes a we a di boss, a we a di boss DJ
Tell dem seh no ramp wid di boss DJ
Yes a wi a di don, a wi a di don, don, don
Tell dem wi a di don, wi a di don, don, don

Tell dem wi a di boss, wi a di boss DJ
No bother ramp wid di boss DJ
Tel dem wi a di don, wi a di don, don, don
Tel dem wi a di don, wi a di don, don, don

(Verse 1)
A di said time wi tek
Know di doops and know di dopper round yah
Who goes no try dis wi wid a bag a soldier
Pusha kill yuh out di window a di black corolla
A couple a mi dawgs dem haffi plus mi shatter shofa

Run di road just like mi brother Donia
And mi do mi own a thing and mi no follow no sah
Alone bad blood supn mi fi knock a sosa
Some foes a seh dem bad, mi tek it off a Donia
Well oh God, nothing cyaa shake mi like a can a soda
Butterfly a flick weh faster than a van a dova
Man a tuggist fi di gyal dem, am a Casanova
No foes yah, gi dem once dem waan another dose a
Di cush mi burn it have a strong aroma
Man wi shoot dem heroine and burn dem tracker troker
From a drama wi step out, wi naw go back from no one
So Hollow meck wi henni ban da note yah

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
No dis di warrior man
No dis di doppa don
Cause anyone cross di clan dem getting di back a mi hand
Seh dem a dads and still don’t know bout popper don
Seh dem a infiltrate a land and still no have a proper plan
Man a step it like Natty and Sandocan
Mi wave it like a magic wand di magnum piton
This favor as if am a magician
So how dem a talk like dem a tugs and no know di tradition
From New York to yard down inna River Ton
Max Field, Waltom Park, Two Mile and Pain Land
Dropping di dropper john from Kingston to weh di plane land
Mi rhymes and lyrical bombs like a damn Taliban
And wi step first wi no care bout second
Cause do realest of fi real, dem bwoy deh a carbon
If yo si mi inna di club and am sipping on ma burban
Don’t yuh ever try and pass yo place and touch mi girl hand

(Repeat Chorus)