Stacious – This Music Lyrics

This music and the riddim is just turning me on
Cant help but move my body till the early morn
And the party behaving rude
No worries when am in the mood
I got it, got it, flant it, flant it
Ease off when a time fi mi bruk out

(Verse 1)
Mi have a unique wine wid a famous body
Watch mi, a watch dem, a watch mi, just a drop hi
Gimmi the flow meck mi broad out pon hi
Dem seh him too bad, but mi badder than johnny
Mi a wine and feel like a gogo
That no matter them cyaa touch mi no, no
Hot gyal wi a star a the show
Vibrate mi body and a bubble up slow

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
When mi bend forward touch mi toe
Am so hot and a that mi know
Yo feel it? Mi feel it to
A bag a things gwaan when mi wine paw yuh
Hey a bet yuh never lift mi up
Bet yuh cyaa handle the wine, cyaa keep up
And mi sure know seh yo cyaa twist mi up
Mi meck yo dash weh yo liquor and yo party cup

(Repeat Chorus 2X)