Chan Dizzy – Enjoy My Life Lyrics

Mi love the life mi live
Love the life mi live
Love the life mi live

Although when it rains it cold sometimes
Jah know seh mi sure love life
Nuh know bout yours but mi sure bout mine
Mi a gwaan enjoy mi life

(Verse 1)
From yo wake up a reason fi celebrate
Life hard and stressing in a many ways
Before mi consume mi haffi member
The once mi know nuh God food when mi seh mi grace
Give thanks to the creator everyday
Hold a small reference and meditate
Haffi gwaan carry the burdens and heavy weight
One day life soon very great yea

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
No nothing cant better than this life
A the greatest suh mi treasure Gods gift
Yea burn a spliff, take a one lift
Suh mi problems dem could a never mad mi
Yea, haffi free up and feel alright
Link up wid the bobo dem and steam all night
Phone ring, mi answer a mi sweetheart voice
And shi tells mi shi need my pipe mi seh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Things might nuh suh good but yo still alive
A nuh just you one the system a give a fight
No nuh one bag a money naw meck
But Jah, Jah, still provide the meal when a dinner time
Dem waan si mi sad, but mi being a smile
Naw invest in a no powder and in a oil
Enjoy yo life and gwaan work
Blessings a go pore like the river nile

(Repeat Chorus)