Caldhino & D’vercity – Lost Angel Lyrics

She’s a lost angel
She only wants to have fun
Shi only wants to have fun
Nuh care bout the consequence when it’s done

She’s a lost angel
Bring yo money and come
Shi seh fi bring yo money and come
She’ll be out the door when it’s done

(Verse 1)
Da gyal yah bad, da gyal yah rob mi yea shi spoil
Fi touch a button you haffi have up yo kyle
Shi wi dip and trick yo wid the pretty smile
And whn hi done her loving gone
Shi nuh normal gangster or formal shi no partial
Wife it up, another man have it like all gyal
Mi brother shi far from normal
Just a dig fi the gold like pirates from Port Royal

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Man a load her up like the clip fi pump action
From shi get the money shi will gi yo satisfaction
Fall in love wid who she? Fatal attraction
She’s in to gold digging not the golden rule
Naw look nuh work or try fi go back a school
Seh a big woman thing now shi gone
Tek any talk from you a grease off the charm

(Repeat Chorus)